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Escape the Rate Race offers the opportunity to live aboard a narrowboat and enjoy Britain's huge canal network.

Step onto a fully equipped live-aboard narrowboat - with everything you could need to enjoy your cruise - and stay for as long as you like.

We have a diverse fleet of high quality boats available for long term use. Our boats are legal decent and honest! They are properly insured and licensed, and maintained properly.

We have 8 years of experience looking after our boats and we care that our clients have a good experience.
  • Are you looking for an extended Narrowboat holiday? Perhaps you're visiting Great Britain for a few months, newly retired, or would like to try things for a few months while deciding whether to live-aboard permanently. We can serve you. Bookings range from 3 months upward.

  • Do you want to live on a narrowboat permanently but don't want to commit to owning a boat of your own - Let us know here.

Our boats are properly prepared and maintained and our fee (normally payable monthly) covers all this care.

Properly insured and licensed, Escape The Rat Race supports you while providing maintenance as required. You are simply responsible for what you use, gas, diesel logs etc.